Images from Numéro China Make-Up: Ayami Nishimura Photographer: Laurie Bartley (ManagementArtists) Stylist: Felipe Mendes Hair: Romina Manenti (See) Model: Lexi Boling (Ford)
Ayami Nishimura: We went to the Dominican Republic for this special NUMERO shoot. The makeup is very summery and fresh yet has a feeling of edginess. Lexi was the perfect girl for this look! We had great sunny and hot 2 days with her, but she spent most of the time in the water.  
First, I bleached her eyebrows. This would give her a bit of hardness, a cool look. I wanted to keep the makeup young and pretty but not too sweet as we decided her hair color would be pink, which is very girly. Then I spread foundation on her, matching with her skin tones which is pale. Don’t forget sun screen! SPF 50 would be suitable under this weather. As she was in a the water, I put it on a few times a day. Also powder to reflect the sun.  
Eyes – there are 2 different eye shadow colors I used as we had 2 days. I wanted to enjoy changing although keep the same feeling.  
Day 1: MakeUpForEver Turquoise and White matte powder eye shadows are used repeatedly to make baby blue. The color was put on her eye lids. This is a matte very soft blue and you can repeat the process until you get the result you like. I loved this light tone on Lexi’s pale skin. Then thick MakeUpForEver Black Gel Liner on top and bottom to make her eyes hard and strong. I did a very graphic line to emphasize edginess. Gel liner is the best lasting and you can create a strong look and it's also waterproof. False eye lashes are applied on top with lots of black mascara on – I normally love YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara, as it is very black and makes the eyelashes thicker.  
Day 2: Less black gel liner around the eyes for a change. Still a thick line on top but not too long to avoid looking too punky. I applied black eye liner on the bottom. I put MakeUpForEver Candy Pink matte eye shadow under her eyes, to the outer which made the color wider – this is still pastel and baby tones of pink to match day 1 of blue. This look is pretty but not sweet, hard and girly. False eye lashes are applied on top with lots of black mascara on to keep the same feeling. Lips – I erased color from her lips by using MAC lip eraser and also foundation on the top. You have to remove and repeat the process on her lips as they get dry which often happens with the products. Keep it matte. This would make eyes look even stronger.  Cheekssoft matte pink blusher was applied on Lexi’s cheeks. Keep it fresh and young, it looked perfect with her pink hair.